Alright everyone, after a long hiatus, I’m back and as lively as ever! The topic for discussion today is the Sequester. First thing really is, what the heck IS a sequester? se.ques.ter. as a noun it means a sudden cut in government spending. As a verb, well it means to kidnap, I still think the […]

Based on the title I’m sure you can guess what this will be about: Three months from the election, and name calling has become the norm. Everyone is getting in on the action! 1st. Senate Majority leader Harry Reid has come out saying that former Governor of Massachusetts, and Presumptive GOP nominee, Mitt Romney hasn’t […]

On August 3rd of last year S&P Downgraded the United States Credit Rating from AAA to AA+. Our national Debt at the time of the downgrade was about 14,300,000,000,000. That’s fourteen trillion three hundred billion dollars. In the Year since the downgrade Congress has been playing the ‘symbolic’ vote game. Democrats passing legislation in the […]

Now the exact date of when the great recession or the financial crisis of the late 2000’s began is a huge debate among economists everywhere. But what if they’re off, not by a few months, or a year or so. What if they’re off by about, nine years? Humor me on this, here are my […]

Now I know what you’re thinking, what the heck does this mean? Well I’ll tell you, it seems the good ol’ USofA Olympic team will be wearing the letters USA with a tag that has ‘made in China’ written on it. Hard to believe? Well it would be even harder to make up. Senate Majority […]

Presidential politics is picking up rather quickly with a few months to go until election day 2012. The current polls show a dead heat between President Obama and Former Gov. Romney and as usual the candidates are trying to define themselves. Taxes One of the most important issues in the campaign is, of course, taxes. […]

The Economy In Europe The Unemployment Rate in Europe (great place to start right?) held steady at 10.1% last month, Germany has the lowest level in the Euro Zone while Spain has the highest (5.9 and 24.6 respectively.) with such a huge spectrum of jobless numbers the European Central Bank announced early this week that […]