Campaigns pick up

Ah it’s gotten to that time of year already. General election campaigns are picking up all over NE Arkansas and you can bet your about to see all the signs, hear all the radio adds see a few TV commercials, so by November 7 you will be thanking God it’s finally over! But for the next four months to the day, the ads will only get worse, so make sure your tolerance level is at 100% because the good part is just about to start.

On Independence Day I was with the Crawford Campaign at a few different locations throughout district 1. The Congressional race is looking to be just as exciting as the last cycle. The result of the last election (for those who don’t remember) was a victory for Rick Crawford (R) by a margin of about 15 thousand votes. This time around the Incumbent Crawford is facing Prosecuting attorney Scott Ellington, who defeated Clark Hall in a runoff for the Democrat party nomination.

Conventional wisdom will tell you that more often than not Incumbent’s win. But recent polls show that Congress has (in some cases) an approval in the single digits. These same polls however, show that voters seem to think the problem lies elsewhere. When asked if voters disapproved of congress they said yes. But when asked if they disapproved of their congressman/woman they say no. A strange statistic indeed, but an important one none the less.

Like I said this campaign will be an interesting one. One to watch for sure and you can bet I’ll have plenty to say about it from today until Election Day! So make sure to come back every now and again to read up on the election and don’t forget to go out and vote!




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