Taxes, Swiss Bank Accounts, and Vice Presidents, Oh my.

Presidential politics is picking up rather quickly with a few months to go until election day 2012. The current polls show a dead heat between President Obama and Former Gov. Romney and as usual the candidates are trying to define themselves.


One of the most important issues in the campaign is, of course, taxes. Yesterday President Obama stated that he would extend the Bush era tax cuts for the middle class but raise taxes on those in the upper class. Gov. Romney has stated that this will harm the recovery of the economic and even slow growth. The presumptive GOP nominee has said that he would extend the tax cuts for all citizens.

Swiss Bank Accounts

The Obama Campaign has recently gone after Gov. Romney for holding a Swiss Bank Account saying this is a way to doge his foreign holdings in both the investment and backing category. This is a continuing theme from the Obama Campaign which is still hammering Gov. Romney over his Tax returns. I’ll quote Former Miss. Gov. Haily Barber “It won’t amount to diddly” I’m afraid I agree with the Governor and moreover, why should I care about what He does with his own money more than I care about what the President does with the American Peoples money?

Vice Presidents

Ohio Senator Rob Portman was in Boston yesterday and attended three meetings with high ranking members of Mitt Romney’s Campaign staff. He said he was not vetted during the meetings but I find it hard to believe that the topic of being VP didn’t come up at least one time. Senator Portman is considered to be on the short list for the veepstaks along with fellow Senator Marco Rubio of Florida and Gov. Bob McDonnell of Virginia. While the choice isn’t expected to be a major move, after all who voted for President Obama because of Joe Biden? Regardless, it’s a fun topic to discuss.



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