U.S. Olympic Team, Made in China?

Now I know what you’re thinking, what the heck does this mean? Well I’ll tell you, it seems the good ol’ USofA Olympic team will be wearing the letters USA with a tag that has ‘made in China’ written on it.

Hard to believe? Well it would be even harder to make up. Senate Majority Leader Herry Reid (D-Nv) said “We should pile them all up, [the uniforms] burn them, and start over again”

Now that’s a little harsh, but I can see where he’s coming from. After all a majority of the American flags are made in…. China… Um, well. A majority of Pork consumed in the United States comes from Iowa! That’s not pathetic right? We let the stars and stripes be imported but all heart disease is due to some good, domestic, non imported, home grown pork!

At any rate, the United States actually only get’s a total of 40% of all imports from China, the majority actually comes from Europe. Regardless is it too much to ask that our national team get true American uniforms?


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