Rhetoric here, Rehtoric there, Rhetoric EVERYWHERE!

Based on the title I’m sure you can guess what this will be about: Three months from the election, and name calling has become the norm.

Everyone is getting in on the action! 1st. Senate Majority leader Harry Reid has come out saying that former Governor of Massachusetts, and Presumptive GOP nominee, Mitt Romney hasn’t paid taxes in “Years”. 2nd a new Pro-Obama SuperPAC ‘Priorities USA’ has a new ad that is all but saying Governor Romney is responsible for a woman’s death. 3rd President Obama has nick-named Governor Romney “Romney-Hood” over his plan that, by the Obama White Houses research, will only extend taxes for the rich and raise them on the middle class. 4th. Republicans are calling the Senate Majority Leader a “Dirty Liar”. 5th the RNC has run ad’s saying that the President is “attempting to gut welfare “. Finally Governor Romney has responded to his nick-name by handing the President one of his own, “Obama-loney”. What is true and what is false? You’ll find the latter is true in just about every case:

  1. If a candidate for President of The United States hasn’t paid taxes in “Years” I would assume the IRS would have said something by now.
  2. The woman who is talked about in this ad ad died in 2005, six years after Romney left his investment company Bain Capital. The intent of the ad seems to be that: due to the woman’s husband losing his job when his company (that Governor Romneys investment firm took over) closed, they couldn’t afford to pay for her health coverage. The gentleman has come out and stated that his wife had insurance through her employer and that she was never covered by his plan anyway. The Obama campaign has pivoted away from any and all questions on this topic.
  3. I haven’t looked at Governor Romney’s tax plan, and I would hope that any who said the presidents accusations are true have memorized every word and punctuation mark, but what I do know is: If the Democrats and Republicans don’t come together before the end of the year, then on President Obama’s watch EVERYONE’S taxes will increase due to the fact that the bush tax cuts are set to expire.
  4. It’s an election year, and people will choose who’s facts they want to hear. Just the other night an elderly woman said “How do you feel about your guy not paying his taxes?” First, the former Governor is not now nor has ever been ‘my guy’ second, their is no evidence to support Senator Reeds accusations that have credible backing.
  5. This move by the Democrat party would give states more rights. Generally something that Republicans would agree with, but a Democrat had the idea first and thus, bad idea.
  6. I would laugh, but I’m to busy crying. Not the best nick-name the Republicans have come up with.

If your not shacking your head in dissatisfaction then perhaps what I’m about to say will make you shake it in satisfaction. This campaign is a disgrace to the American people, in none of what is above do you see anything about the issues. If I may be so bold as to state, I really don’t think Americans are interested in Political Roderic when our national debt is just under 16 trillion dollars and unemployment has been over 8% for YEARS. If the American people wanted to hear name calling we would go back to pre-school what we want is action plane and simple.

While this has to be the worst campaign of my life, it doesn’t quite match up to the election of 1800 between then President John Adams and Thomas Jefferson. In that Campaign Thomas Jefferson called the President of the United States a hermaphrodite. Yea, no lie. We should consider ourselfs lucky we have a beautiful weapon of censorship, the mute button. I use mine quite often, and in a state that will no doubt be voting for Romney in the fall, I can only imagine what the Floridians and the Ohioans must be putting up with.

In conclusion, my general thoughts on the government are this: It has and, by the grace of god, always will be, a government of the people and by the people. But now, I feel it is no longer a government for the people.


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