Who am I? Why am I doing this AWESOME reporting you (hopefully) are asking yourself? Wanna tell me I do a great job but don’t know how!? I’ll tell you kind sir/ma’am!!


I am Blake Ross a 19 year old from the epitome of small town USA (Walnut Ridge, Arkansas) with (what I’ve been told is) the most non partisan set of political views you’ll even encounter. Why? I’ll also explain that! With a few quotes I like to use when Asked about my political persuasion.

I told you the who, now the why! I’m writing this blog because a massive amount of the electorate is mis or uninformed. I’m out to only give facts. I don’t report of the Left or the Right, the Democrats, or the Republicans. I report for the American People, I know I know, I’m not THAT popular, but even the Empire State building had to lay one corner stone before all the rest of it came into being.

Wanna contact me for whatever reason? I’ll answer any questions you have at this email: blake_ross13@hotmail.com

You can follow me on twitter at @blakeross2 (someone beat me to my own name, go figure)

I’ll even accept friend requests on Facebook! http://www.facebook.com/blake.ross.503


Now, why am I so nonpartisan? Simple: The party’s are the problem, they are correct when they tell you Washington is Broken, but they are wrong when they say they will end the problem. They may have good intentions, but it wont work, sad truth I’m afraid. What leads me to believe that? Over 20o years worth of history.

I’m often asked “Are You a Democrat or a Republican?” I’ve had time to think of a few good responses, here are a few:

I prefer the title ‘American’.

I’d be a Democrat but I’m gonna wait on the party to announce its plain for the regulation of oxygen first..

I’d be a Republican but I think Hurricanes are caused by High Biometric Pressure, not Gay Marriage..

I believe you mean “Death by fire, or drowning?”


Finally, thank you so much for reading and your support! Make sure to come back and tell all your friends!


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